Meet our Veterans

Stacy Baber

Branch: U S Navy

Rank: E5

Service Branch Role(s): RM Radioman Telecommunications

Current Civilian Role(s) (ITC): Utility Locator NorCal ITC

Favorite Duty Station (Perm or TDY): USS Sterett (CG-31)

Favorite Memorable Service Moment: Visiting many different ports in the Western Pacific (Philippines, Guam, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Hawaii, Abdu Dhabi, Dubai, Diego Garcia, Bahrain)

Best Battle Buddy: Antoine Jones

One Military Lifelong Lesson: Never ask someone to do something you haven’t done, or are not willing to do.

Personal Interest: Music all, Beach, Quality time with family and friends, Church group, Teaching youth at church, and Traveling

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